IE Services

Intelligent Enterprise (IE) Services are Integrated Enterprise Services. Intelligent Enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business in real time.

Intelligent Enterprise innovates processes, machines, and even people to empower organizations to grow faster and get a competitive edge in an ever-changing, dynamic environment.

With SAP Intelligent Enterprise solutions, organizations are now able to use data, people and enterprise assets in an aggregated and unique way. This will enable strategy owners to make decisions driven by data, thus emphasizing the importance of data in decision-making.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, provides all capabilities for process-, data-, user- and analytics-centric integrations, enabling out-of-the-box integration for SAP-to-SAP scenarios and also SAP-to-Non-SAP Scenarios.

HXM Integration Services


Cloud Integration

Support end-to-end process integration through the exchange of messages.


API Management

Create simple digital experiences for your consumers, partners, and employees.


Open Connectors

Accelerate the connectivity with non-SAP cloud applications.


Integration Advisor

Develop interfaces and mappings by using crowdsourcing and machine learning.

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