XM Solutions

Experience Management (XM) Solutions provides an umbrella of services to multiple industries. We provide innovative solutions by using our expert-built tools for accelerating customer experience, employee experience, product experience and Brand experience.

Combine operational data (O) with experience data (X) to get a complete view of all events inside and outside of the work that impact your employees. Then support them at every moment that matters.

The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Engagement in Disruption solution helps you adjust your employee engagement program for turbulent times. While it’s important to continue measuring core items typically encapsulated in an employee engagement study, and track these changes over time, organizations need focused insights into themes such as workplace safety, remote work enablement, inclusion, mental health and morale, productivity, work/life balance, and more. These relevant insights empower your managers so they can help build the collective resilience and engagement you’ll need to accelerate business recovery.

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